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P52 — Meet in the Middle with We Gotta Thing

P52 — Meet in the Middle with We Gotta Thing

Hey lovely friends,

We’re super excited to have the Jones’s from the We Gotta Thing podcast on our show! Welcome to episode 52 where we discuss how to find and negotiate your swing style! 

What do you do when your partner is wanting something different out of the swinging lifestyle? How do you discuss and negotiate what is best for you both whilst meeting each others needs? How do you understand they why and what before moving forward to an agreement?

Listen in as we talk with Mrs and Mr Jones on their thoughts and find out what’s new in ‘Keeping up with the Jones’s’

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So grab yourself a cocktail or hit that treadmill at the gym and thank you for listening! We really appreciate all the support from the Swinging Community.


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P52 -- Meet in the Middle with We Gotta Thing
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