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P47 – Sex Drive and Restored Faith

P47 – Sex Drive and Restored Faith

Howdy there horny friends,

We are back! This time we are talking about a few recent and relevant topics we want to share with you all, some are closer to home than others and hopefully help you and provide some insight into sex drive.

First we cover the non-taboo subject of sex drive, did you see our recent twitter poll about how many times a week you are ‘getting down’ well we chat about the reason behind the poll and C shares some sex drive and stress concerns in an intimate tell all. 

We also chat about a recent swingers party in Singapore we attended and some veto from D on a new single guy. 

And we share a story about the recent date that has restored our faith in the swinging lifestyle here in Singapore / swinging in Asia!

So sit back and chill (without the netflix),

If you want to share thoughts or feedback about this episode and your sex drive drop C an email here as she would love to hear from you.

Mentioned in this podcast –

Jay from Average Swingers whom we adore but love to take the piss out of.

The Law and Babydoll from Our Secret Spot

Swing Soon,
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P47 - Sex Drive and Restored Faith


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