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P46 – Climbing, Cheating and the C-bomb

P46 – Climbing, Cheating and the C-bomb

Hi there sexy friendly fun followers!
Thanks for listening to another episode of Swinging Downunder, we hope you like our new intro music.
In this new episode we break it down into three sections, the first we are bringing back some very sexy friends the ‘Belay’s’ which you may remember in our very first episodes about our Sydney pub crawls. The Belay’s are very good pants on and off friends who come to visit us right here in Singapore, we explore some of the sexy fun that we miss so much from our time in Sydney.
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Next up we talk about our thoughts on cheating and what being a non-monogamous couple really means. Is cheating more accepted in society than swingers? Is cheating now about emotional ties or still just sex? What do you think?
Finally, (and a big disclaimer about swearing) we put some Aussie slang together for our good friends from Sydney to laugh and cry to. Thanks to the Atoms for their recent cast about Aussie slang, we hope that you find our light hearted go at being an Aussie and laugh with us.
** Do not listen to the end if you don’t like swearing, you’ve been warned! **
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P46 - Climbing, Cheating and the C-bomb


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