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P39 – D goes the full Yoni

P39 – D goes the full Yoni

Yoni Massage

Ever been curious about Yoni Massages and how you can massage a women into a sensual Yoni orgasm? D heads to a Yoni Massage class and learns a thing or two!

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In this upcoming episode C sends D on a little education session to learn the art of the Yoni Massage right here in Sex Starved Singapore. D recounts his session with C for the first time and educates on some of the things that he learned during the class and some things that he already knew.

We learn a lot about the differences of sex positive culture in Australia v’s Singapore and how different couples and cultures interact and bring sex into their lives. Wanna learn more about D’s experience and C’s reaction to some of the insightful topics? Listen in and join us for another hilarious recount of our international swinging lifestyle right here in Singapore. 

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P39 - D goes the full Yoni


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