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A little bit of us! (secret recording by D)- P22.1

A little bit of us! (secret recording by D)- P22.1

D is secretly recording C mucking around singing and looking through twitter under the guise of setting up the microphones and sorting out the podcast requirements.

C is singing extremely high pitched songs whilst looking at T&A on twitter, D decides it’s a good idea to fool C into conversation and record for your listening pleasure.

WARNING: High pitched, crazy singing of very POP music here, listen at your own peril for a laugh (feel free to take the micky out of C

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Content time is approx 3 minutes of joking around, if you want to hear some unedited, joking around footage of C on a Friday night listen in, if you want to continue believing that C is a hip and cool chic, this podcast isn’t for you.


Swing Soon,


Twitter:- @swingdownunder

Swinging Downunder Website:- www.swingingdownunder.com

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Wanderlust Swingers - Swinging Lifestyle
Wanderlust Swingers - Swinging Lifestyle
A little bit of us! (secret recording by D)- P22.1
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