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Friday Night Listener Questions Answered P31

Friday Night Listener Questions Answered P31

It’s a quiet night in for C&D as we were stood up on a couple date due to the dreaded man flu! But alas, you cannot hold us down for long, C has devilishly devised some listener questions and is ready to put D on the spot.

As always a quickie turns into a full on drawn out session, listen in as we delve into some naughty things our dirty listeners think about…with some informative details on newbies and visiting swingers clubs thrown in for good measure.

C has a secret question for D…what could it be?

We talk about some new toys that we have bought and having some experimental fun with your partner in the bedroom.

Thanks to all our listeners, we host this podcast to bring a sex positive view to the lifestyle and form a community and couldn’t do it without you all.

Have questions of your own, send us an email to candd@swingingdownunder.com


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Wanderlust Swingers - Swinging Lifestyle
Wanderlust Swingers - Swinging Lifestyle
Friday Night Listener Questions Answered P31
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