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EP99 – Swinging Around Dallas

EP99 – Swinging Around Dallas

Hey friends,

In this episode we head over to Dallas Texas to spend Christmas and New Years with our Podern Family; Jay and Angie from Average Swingers Podcast

We share all the details on what we got up-to in Swinging Dallas in a relaxed and conversational manner. We talk about our trip to Colette Swingers Club Dallas for the New Years Eve Party & share details on why Cate has a sailors vocabulary whilst playing arcade games.

Join us for a casual look inside 4 friends who spent some time together just enjoying each others company with drinks, laughs, craziness and everything in between.

Every wondered what it’s like to be a non-monogamous couple? Looking for more information about how to successfully navigate a non-monogamous relationship? Just want to listen to a sex positive Swinger Podcast / NonMonogamous Podcast? Join us.

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EP99 - Swinging Around Dallas
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