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EP114 – Slutrepreneur Rebekka Blue

EP114 – Slutrepreneur Rebekka Blue


What is a slutrepreneur? Rebekka Blue will share her journey and how she is a self confessed Slutrepreneur who not only selves weird things on the internet but has 3 successful e-commerce stores.

What does it truly mean to be sex positive and find your own sexual journey? Today’s episode we interview an amazing sex positive CEO called Ana Dee (AKA Rebekka Blue) about her journey from the bubble room at a stripclub to being a self confessed slutrepreneur and e-commerce gangster.

Before we get into the interview we also talk about how COVID is impacting our Swinging Lifestyle and how we protect ourselves from COVID and still catch up for swinging dates.

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EP114 - Slutrepreneur Rebekka Blue


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