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EP103 – Do Swingers Have Expectations?

EP103 – Do Swingers Have Expectations?

Hey Sexies,

Have you ever said or read this commonly used phrase “We don’t have expectations”?

In today’s episode we cover this as part of our stuff swingers say series, we dig into the phrase, pull it apart and ultimately debate what we both think about the usage of it. Do we really have no expectations? Are expectations healthy? What is with the flat earth debate?… we cover this and more in our latest episode.

In the second half of this podcast we share some opinions and thoughts from the members of our Kasidie community; we asked what they thought about this phrase and gave us their honest answers. We loved sharing these with you and would be honored if you’d join in on the fun.

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EP103 - Do Swingers Have Expectations?


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