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Desire Mexico Part 2 – P28

Desire Mexico Part 2 – P28

Desire Resort sexy vacation Part 2!

Join us and continue our exploration of Desire Riviera Maya Cancun Part 2, this time C is getting used to naked poolside conversation and ready to explore some of the more intimate sides of Desire.

Check in as we talk about more sexy encounters, the best (and only) foam party we have ever been to, follow-up on our swinger comrades ‘Stirling Archer and Cheryl’. C finally gets the guts to ask another couple out to dinner and strike up conversations with some ‘fresh meat’ around the pool.

Guess who gets a massage? C suggests a couples ‘Ritual Desire’ Massage at the spa and we run through our experience getting naked and covered in massage oil together.

We share some rather exciting news about our time at Desire with hot sandy nights and steamy disco early mornings.

C shares a rather embarrassing moment / situation that occurred with a couple mid sex…

We talk about our ups and downs, leaving and if we will be back? What’s our verdict? You’ll have to listen in to find out.

C wants to reach out to anyone who has an embarrassing lifestyle moment to share, help make her feel better. Email us on candd@swingingdownunder.com

(podcast # 1 in this series is live on our first few days and sexy nights at Desire RM)


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Desire Mexico Part 2 – P28


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