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Desire Mexico First Impressions – P28.1

Desire Mexico First Impressions – P28.1

We have arrived!

The excitement, the adventure, the absolute nakedness and freedom….

Yes Yes, Oh YESSSSSSSS, drop in for a sound bite from our first ever visit to Desire Resort Cancun this trip has been a year in planning and we have finally made it.

After arriving at Cancun airport, taking our private transfer, arriving to Desire, sipping on champagne and back in our room we give you a little taste of our first impression. This is just a little bite size slice of our Desire experience, keep watch as we release Part 2 and 3 in the coming days….

We are looking forward to sharing our next adventure in the lifestyle and our first at Desire Mexico,


Swing Soon,


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Wanderlust Swingers - Swinging Lifestyle
Wanderlust Swingers - Swinging Lifestyle
Desire Mexico First Impressions - P28.1
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