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Swinger Questions Part 2 with bed hoppers podcast

Swinger Questions Part 2 with bed hoppers podcast

bed hoppers podcast

All your swinger questions answered with the bed hoppers podcast. This is part 2 in the series and if you wanna wrap your ears around part 1, head on over to the bed hoppers podcast (link below).

We dig into your swinger questions that you want answered and cover everything from jealousy, long distance swinger friends, agressive flirting and how to store your magic wand (aka vibrators) when you’re visiting a swingers club.

Big thumbs up and thanks to the bed hoppers podcast for joining us, LIVE in our studio (aka our loungeroom floor) right here in the Netherlands for this collaboration. 

Swinger Questions we discuss in this episode 

  • Have you ever had to step back from the swingers lifestyle?
  • How do you deal with the pace of the lifestyle, are you and your partner running the same pace?
  • What kinds of cultural differences have we experienced?
  • How do we manage LS relationships from a distance?
  • Do you carry your swingers club sex toy bag with you or pop it in a locker?

Featured in this episode 

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Swinger Questions Part 2 with bed hoppers podcast

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