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Swinging Lifestyle In The Media Interview

Swinging Lifestyle + Hotwife Lifestyle Podcast – Wanderlust Swingers Podcast The Swinging Lifestyle is often portrayed poorly in mainstream media. After a recent TikTok video went viral we received the attention of a number of news outlets around Europe and in the UK. This bonus episode is a behind the scenes recording of the interview…
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london swingers

A Night At The Glitz, Hedonism Resort & More

Cate goes solo again for this episode and chats about the recent London Swingers Club experience at Le Boudoir and hosting A Night At The Glitz takeover. If you’ve been curious on some ups and downs of hosting an event, what happened at A Night At The Glitz, some lessons learned and more… listen in.…
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bed hoppers podcast

Swinger Questions Part 2 with bed hoppers podcast

All your swinger questions answered with the bed hoppers podcast. This is part 2 in the series and if you wanna wrap your ears around part 1, head on over to the bed hoppers podcast (link below). We dig into your swinger questions that you want answered and cover everything from jealousy, long distance swinger…
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swingers foursome

Swingers Foursome Swap & Erotic Poetry

What a night, O what a night, a swingers foursome for the books. We spent the night with swinger friends from the USA whilst they transited through Amsterdam. We grabbed a hotel room, caught up and had a lot of swingers foursome fun. Before we get into the fun though, we get you all warmed…
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swingers lifestyle confidence

Swingers Lifestyle Confidence! with Expansive Connection

Swingers Llifestyle Confidence How can we have more confidence in the swingers lifestyle?¬†Swingers Lifestyle Confidence is something that many new people in the lifestyle will struggle with. We all say that confidence in swinger couples is sexy but how just one ‘just be confident’?  In today’s episode we’re coving all about being confident and having…
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Swinger Podcast

Swinger Neediness, Questions + Myths About Swinger Podcasts

Welcome to a mash up episode featuring Casual Swinger Podcast We recorded this live from my bed in NOLA, get ready to pour a drink and listen to the ramblings of 3 friends talking about all things swinging lifestyle. Our first stop is a follow on from the recent episode about affirmation that Casual Swinger…
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Fun4Two Swingers Club

Fun4Two Swingers Club + Annoying Swingers

We visit Fun4Two, a local swingers club in the Netherlands. Fun4Two Swingers Club has been voted the best swingers club in the Netherlands and we thought it was time to check out clubs in our own back yard. Join us as we talk about our visit to Fun4Two Swingers Club, we share the details of…
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swingers hotel takeover

Podcast-A-Palooza PCAP2022 Best & Worst Moments of Swingers Hotel Takeovers

Another Podcast-A-Palooza Swingers Hotel Takeover is complete!  Curious what a PCAP event looks like or what to expect at a swingers hotel takeover? In this episode Cate runs through her 7 best and worst moments of PCAP2022 in sunny Palm Springs. Cate is joined by 13 PCAP2022 attendees who share their thoughts, journey and time…
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Le Boudoir Swingers Club

Le Boudoir London Swingers Club

We visit London and attend Le Boudoir Swingers Club in London City. We’re going to share some sexy and fun times with you and talk about how we’ve almost gone back to Newbie Swinger Rookie status in the lifestyle.  Incorrect clothing, broken lube bottles and condoms, flirting skills completely gone and fucking in public… come…
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Considering Polyamory

Are you considering Polyamory or are you currently in a Polyamorous relationship and want to learn tools on dealing with baggage, trauma and how to navigate the relationship style? Perhaps you’re just looking at how human emotions can impact your NonMonogamous journey. This episode has so much more than just poly talk and we know…
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