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Erectile Dysfunction

STi’s & Erectile Dysfunction – Swingers Health Vol 1

Swingers Health Vol 1 Get ready as we explore all things about sexual, physical and mental health in the swingers lifestyle. In today’s episode we have 2 fantastic guests joining us and we’re going to dig into some very important topics in the swingers lifestyle Erectile Dysfunction Is extremely common inside and outside of the…
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Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club

190 Swingers at Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club

We takeover the Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club for our RED Hot Party in February 2023 co-hosted with the bed hoppers podcast.  In this episode we’re going to share our experiences at the event BUT more importantly, we’re going to share and discuss 6 audio clips sent in from attendees.  From newbies to naked dancing, glory…
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Steamy Romantics, Live Porn & Compersion Play

What does compersion mean to you? In today’s bonus episode we are talking with Mik and Nik from Australia who created and star in a new play called ”Compersion”. They mix live sex acts with educational content, talk about consent and walk you through their real life stories about being nonmonogamous  Compersion Noun. compersion (uncountable) Vicarious…
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ensuring success at swingers lifestyle events

Ensuring Success at Swingers Lifestyle Events

Ensuring Success at Swingers Lifestyle Events, you’ve picked the event you’re going to, booked your ticket.. now what Today’s episode is all about how you can get the most out of the swingers event that you’re attending. We give you over 10 tips on how to ensure success at Swingers Lifestyle events.  This episode was…
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Swinging Into BDSM

Swinging Into BDSM

Are you in the Swingers Lifestyle and curious about BDSM? Maybe you’ve dabbled in a little kink play at a Swingers Club or want to explore what being ”Kinky” really means. Today’s episode is all about Swinging Into BDSM with 2 fantastic interviews with passionate and fun sexperts  Mistress Leah – Swinging Into BDSM First…
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fata morgana

Fata Morgana Swingers Club Visit

Amsterdam Swingers Club Fata Morgana  Cate comes along solo for this episode and reviews the Amsterdam Swingers Club Fata Morgana, Cate also shares a cautionary tale of how she broke the night and play was not happening.  If you’re keen to visit a swingers club in Amsterdam, we highly recommend Fata Morgana, it is so…
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Fun4Two Swingers Club

Fun4Two Swingers Club + Foursome Sex

Our Swinger New Years eve started with a literal bang in the playrooms on site at Fun4Two swingers club, today’s episode is all about our New Years eve, what we got up to and who with. Looking for a swingers club in the Netherlands, we highly recommend Fun4Two near Rotterdam. Fun4Two Swingers Club We kick…
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adult content creation

SinParty, Foot Fetish & Adult Content Creation

This episode is all about adult content creation, adult content creators, foot fetish and adult content platforms like SinParty. We kick things off by interviewing Jo from SinParty, a relatively new adult content creation site that is trying to break down the stigmas of what content is deemed sexy or appropriate. They launched their site…
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oasis aqualounge

Oasis Aqualounge Swingers Club Toronto + Feeling Triggered

Today we’re talking all about the Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto, a Swingers Club with a twist and a focus on being all things pool, hot tubs and fun.  We start the episode off with a cautionary tale about using butt plugs to simulate double penetration and then move into a full review of Oasis Aqualounge…
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Hedonism Swingers Resort

Our week at Hedonism Swingers Resort

We review our full week at Hedonism Swingers Resort in Jamiaca.  In this episode we’re going to talk about our time on site and what we got upto in the week we spent at Hedonism Resort. We will also share some rather interesting lessons learned.  If you want to listen to a full review of…
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