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Swinger Podcast | Hotwife Podcast - A fun and flirty Swinger Podcast about the Swinging Lifestyle

Looking for a swinger podcast?

Curious about the swinging and hotwife lifestyle? Join our swinger podcast as we spill the tea and get real with you about being swingers and our journey into the swinger lifestyle.

If you’re curious about what it’s like to be a hotwife or curious about the hotwifing lifestyle or maybe you just want to listen in for our swinger and swinging lifestyle journey. Either way we’re bound to have something fun for you to check out.

New swinger podcast episodes are released every 2 weeks, find us on iTunes, Spotify and all major podcast apps just search us ‘Wanderlust Swingers Podcast’ and you’ll find us. You can also listen below

Fun4Two Swingers Club
We visit Fun4Two, a local swingers club in the Netherlands. Fun4Two Swingers Club has been voted the best swingers club
swingers hotel takeover
Another Podcast-A-Palooza Swingers Hotel Takeover is complete!  Curious what a PCAP event looks like or what to expect at a
Le Boudoir Swingers Club
We visit London and attend Le Boudoir Swingers Club in London City. We're going to share some sexy and fun
Are you considering Polyamory or are you currently in a Polyamorous relationship and want to learn tools on dealing with
sex worker legal
Today's episode is all about sex workers and legal issues (aka when things go wrong) How does the Sex Worker
sex worker
Today's episode is all about sex workers and mental health. How does the Sex Worker and Adult Entertainment industry seek
swinger questions
Curious questions about Swingers? Want to know more about being a Swinger and the Swinging Lifestyle?  In today's episode we
Host a sex party
Every been curious about hosting a sex party? How to Host a Sex Party A lot of effort and thought
The Theatre Group
Wanna know more about Swinging in Nashville?  Swinging In Nashville Cate recently took a trip to Palm Springs and Nashville
Swinging Rule
Have you ever broken a rule in the Swinging Lifestyle? We did and today we share all about it.  Swinging

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