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Reflecting on our first Naughty In ‘Nawlins By WhoKnows

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Reflecting on our first Naughty In ‘Nawlins By WhoKnows

Curious what people think of the USA’s largest Swingers Convention Naughty In Nawlins? A couple review their first time at Naughty In Nawlins

Did you attend Naughty in Nawlins 2019? If not, we’ve rounded up some great interviews and wanted to share them with you so you can live vicariously through others.

Curious if Naughty In Nawlins is for you? Read on as you’ll find so much variety in the people who attended, loved it and got so much out of the event… is it what you expected to read?

If you’re curious about attending Naughty in Nawlins 2020 we’d love to hear from you and have you join our tribe.

Big thank you to WhoKnows for sharing their journey with us!

My wife and I recently returned from New Orleans to attend our very first Naughty In ‘Nawlins.  For me, it was two firsts: New Orleans as well as NIN.  In order to balance the convention events with tourist activities over just a few days, we stayed within a one-mile radius of the hotel.  We intentionally made time to visit tourist spots, almost all of which entailed some sort of food.  Without a doubt, New Orleans is a top foodie destination in the world.  Famous for oysters, po boys, and beignets, we had our fill of all three and was never disappointed.   

Preparing for NIN

We have been moving at a leisurely pace in our 3+ years in the lifestyle.  We had gone to a few clubs in different parts of the US and Canada, and visited Desire Resort a few times.  Even though we had experience with lifestyle events, there was still some trepidation about Naughty.  Some of our concerns were: becoming overwhelmed by the sheer number of attendees, the intensity of the event, and the many different options (classes, play areas, parties, panels, meet & greets). 

We were fortunate that we had a lot of help preparing for our first NIN because our journey in the lifestyle was happening as podcasts were becoming popular.  We heard about the podcasters’ good and bad experiences at their first event, the advice they gave to prepare and make it enjoyable during their first time, and at least had an idea of what to expect.  This helped immensely to reduce the anxiety.

“the advice they gave to prepare and make it enjoyable during their first time, and at least had an idea of what to expect”

Highlights and Lowlights

As with riding a bike, you have to learn through experience.  You’re going to fall off a few times no matter how much you try to learn about it through reading or watching videos, and you may get scratched up along the way.  This is the same for NIN.  As a matter of course, there will be highs and lows during an event spanning multiple days.  I’ll cover the low-light first because that plays into the highlight: 

Lowlight:  This was clearly our ability to play.  The Mrs was having her period over the course of that weekend, and she is not comfortable playing during this time.  Although most men don’t consider that to be a problem, it puts her in a different head-space which takes playing off the table.  It was a low-light only in the sense that we did not swap with anyone, but we kept a good attitude and made the best of it.  There was plenty of play time with each other, and we still had a fantastic time.   

Highlight:  Choosing one highlight is difficult because there were so many things we thoroughly enjoyed:  Podcaster’s M&G, group drinks, board/card games with other lifestylers, meet other lifestylers for the first time, karaoke in the lobby, and catching up with lifestyle friends.  It was such an easy, fun time.  One event that sticks out was meeting a poly triad.  We met at one of the EDM dance area, and went up to their room.  It was a chill night with them.  The thing we enjoyed most about the evening was everyone’s laid back attitude, openness to learning about one another, and the sexy vibe throughout the evening.


I’m sure everyone in the lifestyle has heard that communication is key.  I felt our communication was really good throughout NIN.  We were in a good relationship vibe heading into NIN.  As we have experienced with other events, how we vibe and communicate with each other beforehand plays into the aura we give off at an event.  Even though we were lucky that we were in a good space during NIN, we continue to strive for growth, and we linked up with LS friends to get their advice on some “steering wheel” communication challenges we’ve had the previous few months, to see if they went through it, and how they handled it.  It was wonderful to hear about their experience.

Naughty In Nawlins

Closing Thoughts

Reflecting on our NIN experience, the advice we would give to any couple thinking about attending NIN for the first time would be: Do NIN at your speed.  You don’t have to go to every class, attend every event, or look to play all the time.  If that’s your speed to do it all, then go for it.  We also believe that a lot of the stress of going to NIN is reduced when you know a few other couples going.  Whether that is a podcast group, lifestyle party group, hometown club members attending NIN, having a base of familiarity makes the event that much better.  You can venture out to meet new people while still hanging out with those you know.   

“We also believe that a lot of the stress of going to NIN is reduced when you know a few other couples going.  Whether that is a podcast group…”

We look forward to attending NIN again in the future.  We don’t know if we’ll attend next year although plans can always change, but we do want to come back.  We’ll have to choose which big event we want to attend each year, and will likely rotate between lifestyle resorts and Naughty In ‘Nawlins.



Naughty In Nawlins


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