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Naughty in Nawlins 2019 – Rose and Chris

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Naughty in Nawlins 2019 – Rose and Chris

Curious what people think of the USA’s largest Swingers Convention Naughty In Nawlins? A couple review their first time at Naughty In Nawlins

Did you attend Naughty in Nawlins 2019? If not, we’ve rounded up some great interviews and wanted to share them with you so you can live vicariously through others.

Curious if Naughty In Nawlins is for you? Read on as you’ll find so much variety in the people who attended, loved it and got so much out of the event… is it what you expected to read?

If you’re curious about attending Naughty in Nawlins 2020 we’d love to hear from you and have you join our tribe.

Big thank you to Rose and Chris for sharing their journey with us!

Was this your first time visited NOLA?

No for Chris (prior business trip) but yes for Rose

Was this your first time at Naughty in Nawlins?


Was this your first large lifestyle event (e.g. Cruise, hotel takeover, resort)

YES – this was our first of many things. Our first LS event, our first big LS experience, our first takeover, first time making out with other people, our first soft swap, our first side by side sexual experience, Rose’s first girl/girl, and we felt perfectly at home. Like we had been doing this forever!

What were you most afraid of when visiting NIN 2019

Because it was our first experience, we were curious about the unknowns. How would we feel? Would we be jealous? Would we meet amazing people? Etc. Not afraid, just a little anxious. We also didn’t know how we’d feel about the biggest LS event for our first trip. Would it be overwhelming?

What was your highlight of the event?

Having our first successful experience, Roses first girl/girl, and such a wonderful conversation afterward with the couple and between us. The biggest highlight was meeting so many amazing people. You hear it all the time, but we felt like we’ve found our tribe. 

What was the lowlight and could be improved?

We don’t have much to compare to but we definitely hit a wall on the last night, from all the energy of staying present for 5 days!

We had an amazing opportunity to have a sexy experience with an amazing couple and we were just too emotionally exhausted to go there. Next time we will be sure to make a move earlier in the week!

Did you and your partner communicate well at NIN? What could be improved if anything?

We communicated wonderfully. It was incredibly encouraging how present we stayed with each other. We both felt connected and respected in every situation which reduced any negative feelings. Just confirmed that we love the LS and want to continue to make amazing friends all over the world!

What was your favourite theme night or party?

We didn’t make it to any theme parties. We were originally going to but ended up having dinner with amazing people. A couple of the themes weren’t our thing either. We realized that we really love connecting with a couple, having dinner, great conversation, drinks, etc. Still unsure about the theme party thing. 

If you could give a piece of advice for people wanting to go to NIN but are unsure, what would it be?

Ensure you’re connected and on the same page prior to going. We had many great conversations setting expectations. Swinger Diaries gave us such great advice before we went. Go to NIN with zero expectations and don’t feel any pressure to say yes to everything or anybody.

Our top priority was to stay connected and balanced. Even if that meant missing a few events because we needed to shop or eat together. Do only what you want. There’s always another event, so no pressure. 

“Go to NIN with zero expectations and don’t feel any pressure to say yes to everything or anybody”

Will you be back in 2020?

Unsure. We’d like to do another takeover like Podcast-a-Palooza and Desire Resorts Mexico. 5 days is a lot in NOLA too so we’re still debating. We’d definitely go every other year at least. Also, it seemed to be an older crowd so we were curious how that compared with other events? 

Anything else you’d like to mention about NIN 2019, the lifestyle, swinging, please feel free to take it away!

We both grew up in conservative Christian households. As we’ve rebuilt our ideas of what marriage can be, the LS has become a part of that. It’s allowed us to ask questions and have conversations about things most couples don’t. We’re reaching a new level of honesty and transparency with each other that deepens our marriage and connection. We were already happy but this has intensified our happiness thus far. 

It’s also been amazing to meet such wonderful and open minded people. You hear it all the time in the LS but we made fiends we’d stay connected with the rest of our lives! Friendships that are better or deeper than vanilla Friends we’ve had for 10 years! That’s invaluable for us!

Where can people contact you?

They can email us here westcoastcouple1@gmail.com 

Naughty In Nawlins


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