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Nashville Swingers, come and join us!

February 5th, 2022

Looking to meet other like minded couples and singles? Join us at the first ‘happening’ in Nashville for a fun, casual night of hanging out, dancing, mingling and partying.

Join us at The Theater Group, Swingers Club Nashville

It’s the newest lifestyle destination in Nashville and we’re excited to check it out and party with you.

Nashville swingers club

Join Cate, J & Angie, Dave & Andi for a night of spontaneous fun at The Theater Group in Nashville.

Nashville Swingers Club + Party

Nashville Swingers Clubs, there are a few clubs in Nashville but we have decided to check out the newest club “The Theater Group” – they are a 20 minute drive north of Nashville City and full address details are given to all people who RSVP.

You must have membership to join this club, this is state law requirements so please make sure you check out this entire page for full instructions on what to do.

February 5th, 2022 – 8pm

Please fill in the form below to let us know that you’re coming or are interested to join.

The Club – The Theater Group Nashville

The next thing we need you to do is to head onto the clubs website and complete their membership form as required by state law. You can find the information here https://thetheatergroup.com/

Once completed, your membership will take 24 hours to approve.

When you’re ready to buy tickets; use code WANDERS for a $5 discount

Theme: Sports Party

Doors open at 8pm

5th February 2022

Looking for a costume? Head on over to Yandy, our favorite costume + lingerie store

Hotel Suggestions

The club is approx. 20 minutes north of Nashville city and accessible by uber, if there are a few people leaving around the same time we will try and arrange some group transfers to split the cost and ensure safety.

Below are a few hotels that we recommend for your stay, these are all in the city and walking distance to many of the bars and restaurants. These are all 3-4 star properties, Airbnb is also available however Nashville pricing is very high at the moment and many places are sold.

Other Plans

We will likely create a group chat about the event depending on the number of people as we will arrange some spontaneous catchups during Saturday or head out for Sunday breakfast. We want to keep the weekend fun and not too overcharged so we can spend time enjoying each others and your company!

We hope you can join us for our Nashville Swingers Club visit at ‘The Theater Group’

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