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Cap D’Agde Review

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Cap D’Agde Review

Cap D'Agde Review

Looking for some reviews on Cap D’Agde and this mysterious location? Ever been curious about Cap D’Agde?

Stepping off the platform at the Agde train station we had no idea what to expect for the next 6 days in this unique destination.

Cap D’Agde Review

Cap D’Agde has been shrouded in mystery for many lifestyle and sex positive people and we were about to crack the door wide open. The journey down from Paris was quick and easy, we were eager to experience Cap D’Agde in all it’s glory and were excited to be going with a well established group in the Spicy Match team takeover.

Here’s our quick guide to Cap D’Agde and our 2021 experience!

The locations

There are too many places and spaces in Cap to mention in this blog, here are a few of the standout places we would be remiss not to mention.

  • Le Glamour Beach Club

The famous Cap D’Agde Foam party happens here, the line up for entry can take hours but it’s definitely worth the wait (or skip the line, get VIP and go with a group)

  • Waiki Bar

By far my favourite bar, pool and place in Cap D’Agde, this location feels freshly renovated, newer and more luxurious than the other locations we visited. I would definitely recommend heading here during the afternoon, grabbing a poolside chair (minimum spend required) and vibing out to the DJ beats.

  • Paralia Beach Club

A beach side location with chairs for rent. Secure your spot here for an afternoon, grab a bottle of rose and watch the hordes of naked bodies stroll past. The beach front location is perfect for that afternoon dip in the ocean.

  • Le Baie Des Cochons

Welcome to ‘The Bay Of Pigs’ this is one of the most public places that you can engage in sex on the beach and where the renowned jerk circles take place. You can freely walk along this part of the beach and see couples fucking and 10, 20, 30 guys standing around enjoying the show.

The parties

Unlike a permanent lifestyle resort like Desire or Hedonism 2, you are not contained to a single location surrounded by daily entertainment and an hour-by-hour schedule to keep you entertained.

There are 2 major pool parties each week during high season. Wednesday and Friday you’ll find yourself poolside at Le Jardin De Babylone watching naked heaving bodies overflowing, dancing, fucking and exploring the true meaning of hedonism.  

If you find yourself going with an established group (like Spicy Match) you will also get to experience night pool parties with sexy entertainment and a higher concentration of lifestyle friendly folks to mingle and meet (and fuck).

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Our Top 10 tips for surviving Cap D’Agde based off our Cap D’Agde Review

  1. You can do almost everything nude, you can even go to the grocery store in your birthday suit!
  2. A sarong or towel is required if you want to dine at restaurants, pack one in your bag or buy one from the many vendors offering this must have item.
  3. There are 6,000 accommodation options on site that include camping, AirBnb’s, Apartments and Hotel rooms. If you stay on site at the hotels that host the lifestyle parties, you won’t be required to wait in lines.
  4. You must dress up if you want to visit a club, some clubs require the men to be in trousers, button up shirts & dress shoes. Be sure to pack at least 1 dressy outfit.
  5. On the flip side of tip 4 above, some places require you to be nude to enter. The famous Le Glamour Beach daytime pool party requires you to be nude and check any bags, clothes and phones you might be carrying. Get yourself a waterproof container that you can hang around your neck for your cash, cards and room keys.
  6. There is a time and a place for sex, although this location is very body and sex positive, it is foremost a nudist village and sex is not permitted everywhere (there are families and children around)
  7. Although open year round (people live in Cap D’Agde) the official season is only 6-8 weeks long for the best weather and highest concentration of lifestyle people.
  8. Walk around and explore, there is so much to see at Cap and every building / area has it’s own shopping, clubs, restaurants and more
  9. Be prepared to see things on day 1 that might shock you, these will become common place by day 2
  10. Leave your judgements at the door and get ready to experience a hedonistic environment like you might not be used to

Our Cap D’Agde Review + experience

We definitely had quite a few firsts during our stay at Cap D’Agde. We fucked outside in public for the first time, I masturbated on my ground floor patio with onlookers walking past barely noticing the show. We played with a couple after a short conversation / introduction, we spent countless hours being completely nude and walking the streets of this amazing city.

We allowed ourselves to be fully immersed in the hedonist lifestyle and left Cap D’Agde with a sense of renewed sexuality.

Lessons Learned

I need to get into the Cap D’Agde groove earlier, it always takes a few days to relax about your nude body and be ready to explore your sexuality openly. My one regret is not feeling comfortable sooner, my first few days on site were ‘wasted’ and the end of our holiday came too quickly.

Will we go back?

Absolutely, we hope to return in 2022 and will explore a more hedonistic approach to the journey and just let the experiences come to us.

Who should avoid Cap D’Agde

Based on our Cap D’Agde Review here’s what we think

If you aren’t comfortable with nudity or have a very specific and unwavering approach to the lifestyle than Cap D’Agde isn’t the place for you. This location is all about exploring your true hedonistic self, going with the flow & allowing the experience to happen around (and to) you.

Wanna know more about our experience at Cap D’Agde? Check out our two-part podcast series and learn about our day to day and what we experienced in more detail. 

  • Part 1 – Our first few days at Cap A’Agde listen here
  • Part 2 – Our Final few days and recommendations for your visit listen here

Have you visited and want to give a Cap D’Agde Review? We’d love to hear from you

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