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10 definitive ways to save money on your next Swingers Hotel Takeover or Swingers Vacation

Credit Card Kinkiness and Points Pleasure Turn your credit card into a pleasure tool! Earn 150 points per week while buying $100/month groceries and $50/week of food that’s $7,800 points minimum per year just by buying things you normally would! Swipe right on those points to snag flight discounts. Don’t forget to get cozy with…
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Unveiling the Unforgettable: Joining the UK’s Premier Swingers Event Hosted by Seasoned Couples

The world of swinging is a vibrant and intriguing subculture, often characterized by trust, open-mindedness, and unforgettable adventures. If you’re curious about the lifestyle or already an enthusiast, there’s one event you simply cannot miss – the Black and White Ball, a UK Swingers Hotel Takeover, hosted by couples with years of experience and a…
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Why Security is important at Swingers Hotel Takeovers

Having licenced security personnel at Swingers Hotel Takeovers is extremely imporant, here are my top five reasons for having licensed security at a Swingers Hotel takeover. Control Access and Ensure Event Integrity: Licensed security helps prevent unauthorized access by civilians without tickets. They maintain strict control over who enters and exits the event, ensuring only…
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Shameless Care

Shameless Care ED Medication

Shameless Care Wait? What? My experience with Erectile Dysfunction medication was pretty unexpected. I’m an exhibitionist, I love the play room vibe, my “fuck it list “ number one item is a full on orgy with lots of people I know and I’m comfortable with.  I’ve always been able to perform and have almost no…
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Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club

Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club Review

Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club We decided to host an event at Penthouse Playrooms in the UK as they allowed us to takeover the entire club, this was the first time I had visited the club and I wanted to give a review here for anyone heading to England to visit Swingrs Clubs. This club is…
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Fun4Two Swingers Club

Fun4Two Swingers Club Review

Fun4Two Swingers Club Rotterdam We went to this club for the 1st time back in July and thought it was OK, our new review is much better as we have now explored the entire club rather than missing half of it. Spoiler; A great club, worth the price for an all inclusive spot, local hotel with…
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Montreal Swingers Club

Montreal Swingers Club Le Club L Review

Montreal Swingers Club We decided to head to Le Club L Swingers Club whilst we were travelling around Canada and went with some friends from Ottawa. Here is our review. Spoiler; A great club, well laid out with thought put into the decor, DJ and ambiance. There are lots of reviews on Toronto based clubs here…
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swingers club amsterdam

Fata Morgana Swingers Club Amsterdam Review

Swingers Club Amsterdam We decided to head to Fata Morgana Swingers Club last night and I wanted to let you all know what we thought. Spoiler; The BEST club we have ever been to from a set up and decor perspective It’s not a club that is commonly talked about in the subreddit so anyone in…
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swingers club london

Le Boudoir London Swingers Club Review

Swingers Club London City Lots of people head to London City, head to google and search ”Swingers Club London” well, we have news for you! There aren’t many in the city and the only Swingers Club London that we recommend is Le Boudoir. So if you’re after convenience, location and luxury, head to Le Boudoir…
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Vanilla Alternative Swingers Club

Vanilla Alternative Swingers Club Review

Vanilla Alternative Swingers Club We visited Vanilla Alternative in April 2022, we had a weekend away in England visiting a few clubs and attending a party with the bed hoppers podcast. This post however is about the Vanilla Alternative Club which is located 1.5-2 hours north of London. It’s not a club that is commonly…
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