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Aftercare and the ‘Drop’ Post Swinging experience!

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Aftercare and the ‘Drop’ Post Swinging experience!


Have you ever had a lifestyle situation that you enjoyed and then woke the next day feeling a little blah? Have you ever experienced the post swinging drop or know to get ahead of the curve and arrange some aftercare?

I was sitting here reflecting on my play session last night with a guy in Dallas (more to come on the podcast about this soon) as I sip my morning coffee it occurred to me that my current altered state of mind after an intense session was a drop…

A drop is a term often used in BDSM play with suggestions on how to manage the drop and ensure some aftercare is incorporated into the play itself or directly after the play session. A drop can also be a term that is used by recreational drug users whereby you have a low the next day.

This feeling isn’t as strong as post-coital dysphoria whereby you are feeling sadness, anxiety or depression but it’s certainly a little meh

When you think about the chemicals in your brain and their response to sex it’s no wonder the next day you aren’t feeling the same high

Sex also increases epinephrine, oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, all of which are linked to mood, behavior, and well-being.

It takes a while for hormone levels to balance back out & thus you are left feeling like a wizard last night and a muggle today

Ways you can meet your physical, emotional and psychological aftercare needs

Aftercare can be extremely important in BDSM and in the swinging lifestyle particularly when you’re swinging separately or participating in the hotwife lifestyle

  • Do something nice for yourself, run a bath, make a tea and read a HP book
  • Catch up with friends
  • Watch a comedy show
  • If you have a partner and you’re playing separately as a hotwife consider spending time with them. If you’re single, you can catch up with friends or a friends with benefits
  • Realize that you’re probably tired, a little sore (I swing hard, what can I say ?) and this is part of having a fun time

Have you experienced a lull or ‘drop’ after you’ve had a fun play session? Would love to hear about it, drop me an email to candd@swingingdownunder.com

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