P50 – A Gunt and a Toe, the difference is how deep you go! NIN2016 with Average Swingers

Hey there lovely listeners,

It’s C here and I’ve finally edited the NIN2016 podcast that I’ve been promising Jay for 12 months…. Yes that’s right, 45 minutes of podcast reduced from over 2 hours of rambling mayhem, listen at your own peril or delight… you decide.

Joining us for this episode:-

  • Average Swingers: podcasters, home renters, lovers of New Orleans burgers. Catch them here http://www.averageswingers.com/
  • The ‘Law’ : swingers club owner of ‘Our Secret Spot’ in Sydney, Australia. One of our favourite clubs to visit check them out here http://www.oursecretspot.com.au/
  • Special Cameo Appearance by Ellie from ‘The Aussie Swingers’: podcasters, travel enthusiasts, lovers of sun, surf, sea and bringers of delicious salt and vinegar chips to Singapore! Check them out on their website and podcast here http://theaussieswingers.com/

We have a lot of fun chatting in this podcast! Suggest to listen on a moderate to low volume as we get quite vocal laughing and taking the piss out of each other (but mostly Jay)

We hope you enjoy!

Swing Soon,
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