Our First Fling in Asia! – P30

Come with us as we explore our first couple since moving to Asia, while living the irony that they are from the US – the country we just returned from! We play with an amazing couple that titillated C by engaging her mind and expands her boundaries in terms of her age gap to the male.  The lifestyle has also thrown a few curve-balls lately and C steps up again to the plate……  You will have to listen to know if she strikes out or not 🙂 The boys also experience the slowest (and most expensive) four drinks ever purchased returning to look out over the infinity Jacuzzi and two very sexy ladies (I wrote that bit – D)!!  A light show features as part of the night and there may have been a few fireworks for D as well! xx Swing Soon, C&D Twitter:- @swingdownunder Swinging Downunder Website:- www.swingingdownunder.com  

D Masterpod – Male Body Image in the Lifestyle – P29

Sorry folks, no sweet tones from C in this one!  D discusses some of his thoughts from NIN that helped him get to the edge of the lifestyle (don’t worry, he made it back in!).  He also covers male grooming, the issue and some advice for men who are the detriment to their couple number.   Finally a message “GUYS, STEP IT UP!!” Swing soon, D (and C)

Desire Mexico Part 2 – P28

Desire Resort sexy vacation Part 2! Join us and continue our exploration of Desire Riviera Maya Cancun Part 2, this time C is getting used to naked poolside conversation and ready to explore some of the more intimate sides of Desire. Check in as we talk about more sexy encounters, the best (and only) foam party we have ever been to, follow-up on our swinger comrades ‘Stirling Archer and Cheryl’. C finally gets the guts to ask another couple out to dinner and strike up conversations with some ‘fresh meat’ around the pool. Guess who gets a massage? C suggests a couples ‘Ritual Desire’ Massage at the spa and we run through our experience getting naked and covered in massage oil together. We share some rather exciting news about our time at Desire with hot sandy nights and steamy disco early mornings. C shares a rather embarrassing moment / situation that occurred with a couple mid sex… We talk about our ups and downs, leaving and if we will be back? What’s our verdict? You’ll have to listen in to find out. C wants to reach out to anyone who has an embarrassing lifestyle moment to share, help make her […]

Desire Mexico Part 1 – P28

Desire Resort sexy vacation Part 1! Join us as we explore the first few days of our ‘clothing optional’ vacation in Desire Riviera Maya Cancun. C is nervous to get naked in front of everyone. (Yes this is completely contradictory to the lifestyle we know!) D is ready to get naked but concerned about Mexico penis burn… We run through some sexy encounters, time in the sun, pool and what to expect on your vacation to Desire. What couples do we meet? Well you will just have to listen in to find out more! Let’s just say there are quite a few sexy couples we encounter in a large group, what’s a group of sexy swingers called? We are still trying to figure that out, the best describer…. AWESOMENESS! C meets the real life ‘Stirling Archer’ and D gets kinky ‘Cheryl’ (or Carol when she is getting f**ked) Handy hints on what to wear, rooms to select and not to mention how to have some desirable fun in Desire. Have any questions or want to share some stories? Email us on candd@swingingdownunder.com (podcast # 2 will be out shortly on our final few days and sexy nights at Desire) xx […]

Desire Mexico First Impressions – P28.1

We have arrived! The excitement, the adventure, the absolute nakedness and freedom…. Yes Yes, Oh YESSSSSSSS, drop in for a sound bite from our first ever visit to Desire Resort Cancun this trip has been a year in planning and we have finally made it. After arriving at Cancun airport, taking our private transfer, arriving to Desire, sipping on champagne and back in our room we give you a little taste of our first impression. This is just a little bite size slice of our Desire experience, keep watch as we release Part 2 and 3 in the coming days…. We are looking forward to sharing our next adventure in the lifestyle and our first at Desire Mexico, xx Swing Soon, C&D   Twitter:- @swingdownunder Swinging Downunder Website:- www.swingingdownunder.com Desire Resort Mexico:- www.desireresorts.com

Swinging Downunder does the Curious Couple – P27

We couldn’t possibly let an awesome opportunity pass us by once we have flown all the way over to the U S of A to catch up with and interview T & A from The Curious Couple T drags A out of bed to interview with us in our hotel room at Naughty in Nawlins 2016, yes we got them into our bed…. but alas only to ‘talk’, C has her notes ready, D is absolutely star struck and without game at all! Join us as we interview two of the sexiest podcasting swingers and talk all things podcasting, lifestyle, favourite body parts and getting couples from the bar to the bedroom. Want to know more about T&A? Head over to their webpage to sign up to their newsletter, join them on twitter for sexy content and download their podcast (you will not regret it!) Twitter Account – thecuriouscpl Website: The Curious Couple Swing Soon, C&D

Naughty in N’awlins – P26

In this episode we chat about our take on Naughty in N’awlins!!  C talks about our attempt on personal DP, it ended well ish 🙂   D gets to know the perils of a large event and also time away from each other – the hard way!   If you want to know more about NIN have a look here: http://www.frenchconnectionevents.com/nawlins-couples-convention.php   C And D

Sexual Fantasy & The Lifestyle – P25

C is away, living in hotel rooms working around the world, we connect up through Skype to chat to you about our latest adventures. We are excited to share some very new, very sexy insight into C’s mind – C discovers she has a sexual fantasy and shares with D for the first time over the podcast! D must return the favour and shares a raunchy one of his own involving hotel rooms and video cameras! We talk about our upcoming travel to the states for Naughty in Nawlins and to visit Desire Mexico with our lifestyle friends @oursecretspot @theaussieswing We respond to a listener on his questions about a potential taboo subject (anal sex in the lifestyle). Don’t forget you can contact us on c@swingingdownunder.com d@swingingdownunder.com Or through Twitter @swingingdownunder Thanks for listening xx C&D

Us and the Atoms Strike Again!! – P24

The Atoms join us and we join them, one may call it a joining!!  We have the first half here and we know the Atoms would love it if you head on over to them and listen to the second. C and D

Expectations and Inter-Couple Anger – P23

C & D host a pub crawl in Sydney, Australia Join us for some unedited views and news on how the pub crawl was set up, what bumps we had before and after the pub crawl and some of the expectations that people have within the lifestyle. We discuss age, size and defining characteristics in the lifestyle and how people can be sexy by confidence. A few blog posts make C think about how the community in the lifestyle may have exceptions or jealousy and how to avoid it. Listen in as we chat about some of the recent events in the lead up to our very fun pub crawl night for 2016. Keep Swinging   xx C&D